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  • The Wedding Planning Experience

    Have you ever seen Mamma Mia? 

    I love it. I had no idea that it was a musical when I went to see it in the theatres. I was shocked when she first started singing and I almost laughed. But I have never sat through a movie that kept me smiling the entire time. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the music. I love the story. I love the actors and actresses in it. 

    So when it came out of course I had to own it. I was watching it today and I realized that it set me up for disappointment. The main girl, Sophie, (played by Amanda Seifried) has such an amazing bachelorette party and everyone that she has ever known from her childhood comes back to help celebrate her wedding. 

    That is how I expected the time leading up to my wedding to be. I think I expected that there would be party after party with important people that meant so much to me at different times in my life. I expected the parents of my friends that I always thought of as second mothers to come hang out and help me prepare for my wedding. I expected to have slumber parties with good friends and stay up all night talking about the future. None of these things happened. 

    In reality, everyone has their own lives. People couldn't come to events because of things going on in their own lives. During my engagement, one of my childhood friends became a single mother, another was having such a fight with her mother that they weren't speaking, another had a hard time dealing with all of her friends getting married while she was still single, another bought a house, and they all lived out of town. All of these people had thier own lives and their own important issues to deal with. And rightfully so. In real life, people cannot just drop their lives and come hang out with you weekend after weekend as you gush about your wedding. 

    I think that women should be prepared for this. The reality of your wedding planning experience may not be what you expected. Especially now that we are such a global community. I planned my wedding on my own in a city where none of my friends or family lived. Also, most of them worked on the weekends and couldn't give up time to come spend the weekend. 

    Don't get me wrong, I still had help and I still had support. I had a beautiful bridal shower. I had such a fun bachelorette party at a place that I loved. I had a planning phone call with my Mom that I will never forget. She became this super calm person that talked through table linens with me a week before the wedding. I will be eternally grateful for her support and for her listening to me ramble during that time of choosing what seemed so important at the time. 

    I just think that women should not be upset if people don't come out of the woodworks to celebrate their wedding. Wedding planning is not all rainbows and fairytales. In fact, for me, the most helpful person was my fiance, which I never expected. But it all served to prove to me that he is the person that will stand beside me and help me choose color palettes when no one else really cares. 

    I want to be clear that this only applies to wedding planing. My actual wedding was 100 times better than I ever imagined. What was your wedding planning experience like? Was it everything that you dreamed of?

  • Our Surprise First Dance

    Ryan and I took private dance lessons before our wedding and this was our first dance. We got married at Disney World so the song seemed appropriate. Sorry the video is so grainy, we forgot to get anyone to film it! 

  • Wedding Planning Book



    When it comes to choosing a wedding planning book there are so many options that it can quickly become overwhelming. I want to take a moment to share the planning book that helped me the most when I was planning my wedding.

    The Wedding Book- The Big Book for Your Big Day by Mindy Weiss helped me the most. You can purchase it on Amazon here. This book had everything I needed and more. After the wedding, there were so many things that happened that my husband said "I had no idea it would be that way" but I was prepared for all of those little surprises because I had read this book. It also has areas for budget planning and lots of tips about etiquette.

    What was your favorite wedding planning book?



  • How to Create an Ipod Playlist for Your Wedding

    I have to admit that one of the best things I did for my wedding was to create an Ipod playlist instead of having a DJ. This saved me thousands of dollars, as well as giving me a wonderful keepsake. I can listen to any part of my wedding playlist and it takes me right back to my wedding day.


    The best part about creating your own playlist is that it forces you to sit down and put all of your favorite songs together on your Ipod. Then, you get to keep these playlists for years to come. I keep my Ipod plugged into speakers at home and listen to it often. I may choose to play my “cocktail hour” playlist while I am cooking dinner or maybe my “after dinner” playlist for some upbeat tunes while I am cleaning. I never tire of listening because they are all my favorite songs!


    We chose to ask my brother to serve as MC for the day and run the Ipod. He was only 17 at the time and he did a fantastic job. I labeled the playlists so that they would be easy to understand by anyone that was using the Ipod. The categories I used are below:


    A- Pre-ceremony

    B-Family Entrance (Grandmothers, mothers, flower girl)

    C-Groom’s Entrance (and groomsmen)

    D- Bridesmaid’s Entrance

    E- Before Bride walks down the aisle (I had a special intro I wanted to play)

    F- Bride Entrance

    G- Recessional

    H- Cocktail hour

    I- Dinner music

    J- Father/Daughter Dance

    K- Mother/Son Dance

    L- First Dance

    M- After dinner music

    O- Cake Cutting

    P- Last Dance

    Q- Extra music


     I kept the playlists in chronological order by adding the A,B,C progression to the front of the names. This worked like a charm! I hadn’t explained a thing but my wedding planner was able to pick up the Ipod and find the correct music with no problem. She raved about how simple my system was. By the time the wedding came around, I had listened to the Ipod playlist so much that I knew the last song of each playlist. When one of the last songs in a playlist came on I would just calmly let my wedding planner or brother know and they would go to the Ipod and be ready to start the next playlist. Everything went very smoothly.


    Now you may be thinking that this would take way too much of your time. I thought the same thing, but to be honest, I enjoyed it. I worked on my playlist for a couple of hours after work every night for about three weeks. I could have done this much quicker but I really got into it and enjoyed working on it. It was the perfect project to use up all of my wedding planning energy for those last three weeks. By that time, everything else for the wedding was planned but it was good for me to still have a project to keep me busy. Itunes has a feature where you can fade your songs into each other or edit the stop and start times if a particular song has a really long intro that you want to avoid.


    After I set up my playlist, I sent the Ipod with my fiancé to work one day and had him listen while he worked. I was hoping he could catch any places where the timing was off or the songs didn’t flow. He enjoyed listening to it so much that he wanted to take the Ipod with him for the next few days!


    Using an Ipod at our wedding was simple and I highly recommend it. I will still be enjoying my wedding music for years to come.


  • How to Fly with Your Wedding Dress

    When I was planning my destination Disney Wedding, I was constantly worried about how I was going to get my wedding dress from Texas to Florida. If you are having the same dilemma then read below for my experience.

    I considered all of my options which included shipping my dress by FedEx, having someone drive all the way to Florida with it, or carrying it on the plane. My family talked me out of shipping because they said they wouldn't want to be around me if it got lost in the mail. I was adamantly against checking my wedding dress under the plane because I know how often luggage doesn't make it to the same destination as the passenger.

    I finally decided that my best option was to carry my dress on the plane and not let it out of my sight. I had heard that you could simply ask a flight attendant to hang your dress up in the business class coat closet but I found out that not all planes allow you to do this. We had already booked our flight on Southwest and they do not have coat closets, so I knew that I needed to get creative.

    I searched around and found an extra-long garment bag from The one I purchased was 60" long and was called a Wally bag. This was the best purchase I could have made. I was able to stuff my ball gown style wedding gown with a very long train into the bag and zip it up by myself. This kept the dress protected from dirt or anything that could snag it. I then took a deep breath and rolled the Wally bag with my gown inside like a sleeping bag. I figured that rolling was better for the dress than folding. The rolled up Wally bag was just the right size to stick inside a carry-on sized rolling luggage bag. I then carried my bag on the plane as my carry-on item and put it in the overhead compartment. I was ready to chain myself to the bag if anyone had tried to put it under the plane, luckily, this wasn't necessary.

    I took my dress out of the carry-on bag as soon as we got to Florida and it looked great! I actually think I could have worn it straight out of the bag. However, I hired a wedding gown steamer to come to my hotel room and steam the gown, just in case. The Wally bag and rolling carry-on luggage bag worked like a charm and I recommend this process to any bride that needs to fly with her wedding dress.

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