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  • Rhino Knockdown

    To continue with out Rhino theme, let's talk about the Rhino knock down that I got to participate in while I was at Fossil Rim. This particular Rhino had stopped eating and he needed a full body work-up to try to determine the cause. This had to be scheduled before the park opened for the day and it required almost everyone on staff to come assist in some way. They used a tranquilizer gun to put him under and then he had his temperature taken, blood drawn, mouth, ears, feet and eyes checked as well as x-rays. Here are some images below. 

    The other Rhinos are concerned at first and all gather at the fence to find out what is going on. 

    It takes a LOT of cable to get electricity way out here

    He is knocked down and the tarp is lifted up to keep the sun off of him so that he does not overheat

    Taking the temperature of a Rhino. How did you think she would take it? 

    His eyes are covered simply to keep the sun out of his eyes

    How many people does it take to roll a Rhino over? 

    It's a good thing that we rolled him over because the problem was found. If you look at the top of his leg (where his armpit would be) you can see a sore. This sore was causing him enough pain that he stopped eating. It's not something that we ever could have seen while he was standing. 

    Treating the wound

    After cleaning the wound and a course of antibiotics he was back to perfect health! 

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