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    Did you know that Rhinos have personalities? Each one is distinctly different. In this particular group of Rhinos, there was one that loved to play tag. We would run down the fenceline and he would run as fast as he could to chase you. (Don't worry, we were on the outside of the fence). Then he would run back. The rest of the Rhinos could care less about running. The Rhino below loved to be brushed and scratched. My friend Ashley let me come hang out with them one day. (Note: If you ever get to scratch a big animal like this, make sure that your arms are never between the animal and the bars. They can accidentally lean against the bars and trap your arms)

    Did you know that Rhinos love to be brushed? 

    In the next shot, can you see him bending his back leg kinda like a dog does when they like where you are scratching?

    Sitting down so he can get more scratches

    You keep going, I'm just going to take a nap while you keep scratching.....

    That's the spot, I'll just close my eyes.....

    Slobbery lips

    How about a snack Mom? 

Hi! I'm Brittany and I started this blog to share my love of animals and to try and help save them in the wild. 

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