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    I don't think that divorce was the answer in Eat, Pray, Love. I think that everyone has moments of wanting to change themselves, change their dreams and change their lives. And that's ok. You are allowed to change your dreams and your spouse is supposed to support you through those changed dreams. I think that you can make those changes while still staying inside your marriage. 

    So, LIz wanted to travel. Why couldn't she have done that while she was still married? I think she took the chicken's way out and rather than fighting for her marriage, she just left. I realize that the way she chose was not easy either and I also realize that it's not my place to judge but I still think that she could have explored the world and changed herself while just being more forthcoming with her husband and taking him along on the ride as well 

    I especially think that now that she has gotten a second divorce from the man that supposedly "saved" her at the end of Eat, Pray, Love and has now become a lesbian. How many people will she choose to leave before she finds the "right one"? How many lives and hearts can she break in the quest to find herself? I think you can find yourself without hurting others. 

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