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  • Rumley and Boudreaux sittin' in a tree

    Here's a video of the first time that Rumley and Boudreaux saw each other. Boudreaux is still contagious so he can't meet Rumley yet. You can see them both wagging their tails and then you can see Rumley turn and bark at me. He's super angry that I won't open the door for him so that he can play with Boudreaux. I'm such a mean mom :( 

    Unfortunately, we still have to wait a couple of weeks before Boudreaux is completely in the clean. Once we get these two together though, I think they will be a dynamic duo! What do you think? 

  • Boudreaux


    Here's the picture that made me fall in love with Boudreaux. He's got that floppy ear and that huge too-big-for-his-body nose. This is the picture that the shelter and the rescue were circulating that made me feel like I had to step in and save him. 

    We've had him for two weeks now and he is doing great! Almost all of the scabs are gone. His coat is much more shiny and he's starting to regrow his hair, especially on his ears. He's also gained 15 pounds! He no longer immediately goes for the food so I know that he isn't starving any more and he's learned that the food will consistently come to him so he doesn't have to panic. 

    He's the sweetest thing. We haven't seen any signs of food agression, timidness or bad behavior at all. He's super smart and has learned to sit and shake with me just asking him once. It takes our Great Dane at least 15 repititions, if not more to learn a new behavior. 

    Boudreaux is very mischevious though. If he sees anything sitting on the little patio table that we have outside, or even if we've tried to hide it up on the windowsill ledge, he will grab it and drag it out into the yard. This includes the glass bottle of colloidal silver spray that we are supposed to spray on him to help him heal. He also loves to pick up his metal bowls, especially his metal water bowl mid-drink, and cary them out into the yard. I forsee many items getting taken off coffee tables and side tables once he is allowed to hang out with us in the house! 

  • We've Adopted a Mangey Mutt

    Ryan and I are crazy people. We have officially adopted a mangey mutt. We've had him for a week now. His name is Beaudreaux and he appears to be a German Shepherd. Beaudreaux was found wandering the streets in Baytown and he was going to be put down if no one rescued him. I saw him on the Great Dane Rescue page, it seemed they had been smitten with him even though he's not a Great Dane. For some reason, this little guy tugged on my heartstrings.

    We went to the vet's office to pick him up and while we were waiting, they let us know that he has Sarcoptic mange. This means that he's highly contagious to our dog, Rumley, as well as to us. This has made things much more complicated than we were anticipating. The poor pup has to stay in our spare bedroom during the day and night. We put on special clothes and gloves when we go to take him out. Then, as soon as we put him back in the bedroom, we have to throw our clothes in the wash on hot and dry them on high heat.

    We have to make sure we are completely clean again before we can see Rumley. It's been 7 days since we got him and he definitely seems to be healing. We have a vet appointment next week and I hope that they tell us that he can join the family soon. I know that him and Rumley will have a blast playing together. The video shows Ryan and Beaudreaux playing fetch on Beaudreaux's first morning here. He's a sweet pup!

  • Saving Koalas

    At  the Zoo's Conservation Gala last week, (where we raised over 1 MILLION dollars!), Joel Sartore was the speaker. Joel Sartore is a National Geographic photographer that has started the Photo Ark project. His goal is to photograph every species on an equal playing field, otherwise known as a black or white background, so that we will have a preserved image of each species before it goes extinct. 

    I think I was the only person in the tent that bawled throughout his entire speech. The part that really got me going was when he showed a photo of around 15 koalas that had been hit and killed by cars in one week in a certain town in Australia. He said that only after he published the photo did the government in Australia decide that they would actually put protections in place to try to save the koalas. THAT is the type of difference that makes me keep typing each day. If one little thing that I post saves one more animal or species, then it’s worth it.

Hi! I'm Brittany and I started this blog to share my love of animals and to try and help save them in the wild. 

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