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    So, I spent a lot of time yesterday perusing crash videos of dummy dogs in cars. We are taking Rumley and Boudreaux with us to Austin next week for Thanksgiving and I need a way to secure them. Rumley hates the car already and he has been thrown into the floorboard at least once when we had to brake quickly. I'm hoping that a seat belt of some kind will help him to feel more secure. 

    Yall, it's also insane that we are driving around with a 90 pound dog, much larger than children that are required by law to be secured in a car seat, and we don't have him secured! He could so easily become a projectile and injure himself and us. As well as other drivers on the road if he flew through the windshield. It really is insane that it's allowed. 

    So, I started researching. At first I thought that the little $25 harnesses from Petsmart sounded pretty good. Then I checked out the Kurgo brand, it looks pretty solidly constructed, right? But then we were talking about $75 of my hard earned money here so I decided to keep looking. And thank God I did.

    Because I came across this and this and this. It will break your heart. Watch one of the videos of the crash dummy dogs and try to keep from tearing up. I dare you. So, of course I will only accept the best for my little love pups. We are spending the money and we are purchasing Sleepy Pod Sport harnesses for both pups. (It's actually not that much money). I can't believe that Sleepy Pod is the ONLY company on the market that actually passed the crash test ratings. The ONLY one. Seriously? We allow these companies to sell these faulty products under the guise that they will keep your pet safe? Every single one besides the Sleepy Pod harness resulted in a catastrophic failure. A CATASTROPHIC FAILURE. I won't allow that for my pup. 

    Sleepy Pod is also the only company out there that provides anything for dogs up to 90 pounds. I'm lucky that Rumley seems to have stopped growing right at 90 pounds. I'm not quite sure what we will do if he gains more weight. Secure him with two harnesses? Beg Sleepy Pod to create a harness for dogs up to 150 pounds? Why is no one else out there creating these harnesses? Why are people letting their dogs ride around without being secured in the car? Where is the publicity on this? I'm an animal lover and didn't realize these crash tests had taken place and that almost ALL products on the market had failed! 

    I ordered our harnesses last night and will update with pics once they arrive. I chose the orange for Rums, I think he needs a bold and beautiful color to remind us and him to be safe in the car. 

Hi! I'm Brittany and I started this blog to share my love of animals and to try and help save them in the wild. 

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