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  • We've Adopted a Mangey Mutt

    Ryan and I are crazy people. We have officially adopted a mangey mutt. We've had him for a week now. His name is Beaudreaux and he appears to be a German Shepherd. Beaudreaux was found wandering the streets in Baytown and he was going to be put down if no one rescued him. I saw him on the Great Dane Rescue page, it seemed they had been smitten with him even though he's not a Great Dane. For some reason, this little guy tugged on my heartstrings.

    We went to the vet's office to pick him up and while we were waiting, they let us know that he has Sarcoptic mange. This means that he's highly contagious to our dog, Rumley, as well as to us. This has made things much more complicated than we were anticipating. The poor pup has to stay in our spare bedroom during the day and night. We put on special clothes and gloves when we go to take him out. Then, as soon as we put him back in the bedroom, we have to throw our clothes in the wash on hot and dry them on high heat.

    We have to make sure we are completely clean again before we can see Rumley. It's been 7 days since we got him and he definitely seems to be healing. We have a vet appointment next week and I hope that they tell us that he can join the family soon. I know that him and Rumley will have a blast playing together. The video shows Ryan and Beaudreaux playing fetch on Beaudreaux's first morning here. He's a sweet pup!

Hi! I'm Brittany and I started this blog to share my love of animals and to try and help save them in the wild. 

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