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  • Saving Koalas

    At  the Zoo's Conservation Gala last week, (where we raised over 1 MILLION dollars!), Joel Sartore was the speaker. Joel Sartore is a National Geographic photographer that has started the Photo Ark project. His goal is to photograph every species on an equal playing field, otherwise known as a black or white background, so that we will have a preserved image of each species before it goes extinct. 

    I think I was the only person in the tent that bawled throughout his entire speech. The part that really got me going was when he showed a photo of around 15 koalas that had been hit and killed by cars in one week in a certain town in Australia. He said that only after he published the photo did the government in Australia decide that they would actually put protections in place to try to save the koalas. THAT is the type of difference that makes me keep typing each day. If one little thing that I post saves one more animal or species, then it’s worth it.

Hi! I'm Brittany and I started this blog to share my love of animals and to try and help save them in the wild. 

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